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1st Consulting have delivered the largest change to our working process yet in company history, so it is no understatement for me to say that they have contributed enormously to the efficiency and future capacity of our business. Our brief was to develop a solution that would add value to every department, reduce our paper usage and cut down on administrative work. Moving from a system with little rigidity or consistency meant that there were a lot a factors to be considered, we found 1C were very skilled at understanding how we worked and subsequently translating our practices into systems. Getting this knowledge right was imperative in our opinion and as a result, we have seen widespread improvement across the business including improved cash flow, fewer errors, increased reporting capabilities, improved data availability and an overall increase in our working capacity. It was a massive step and thankfully we made the right choice in 1C


1st Consulting were great to work with – they understand our business, our objectives and are able to engage and challenge our thinking to ensure an optimal result.

Libra Health

1st Consulting worked with us to design a new database for managing our health records. I found them to be extremely helpful and very innovative going over and above their remit at times.

HelpAge International

I have worked with 1st consulting on two projects now, both have been a success. The team are very friendly and translate the concept into easy to use and good quality software.


The development process has been extensive and the communication from start to finish has been constant. Very happy.


From the beginning 1st Consulting showed they were able to learn and understand our business in order to create a system that met all of our requirements. It is appreciated that we are not the easiest of customers but 1st Consulting have demonstratred immense patience through out our project.

HelpAge International

In my experience, 1st Consulting are especially helpful because they take trouble to understand the particular constraints that affect their clients and are prepared to work within these constraints. Additionally, the software developments / solutions that they have created for us have been robust and "idiot-proof" - which is essential for our user base.

Thurrock Gateway Development

All in all I thought the 1st Consulting team effectively delivered a solution that met with my objectives and I would be happy to use them again and recommend them to other organisation seeking database/web specialists.

Pricing System

The team developed a cloud-based software for a large PLC company in London to allow the users from multiple locations around the world to maintain pricing for their international exhibitions. The system deals with multi-currency and extensive excel reporting for the management.

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Manage Creative Team

The team was engaged with a media agency to help manage the creative team and produce financial reporting. The new application is called WOLF - WSA On-Line Form.

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SmileCRM is our own in-house project. It is a telemarketing solution designed for lead generation. For more information please visit smilecrm.co.uk

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