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Support and Hosting

How can we help you?

It is always good to know that your system is looked after, so you can concentrate on building your business.

Email Support

There is a dedicated email account that receives emails and automatically logs issues on the helpdesk system. Please send support issues to

Telephone Support

You can call at any time on 01908 592 534 if this is your preferred way of communicating.


We offer maintenance of your existing applications, SQL database or applications written by us. Once again, we use our very own software to manage, schedule and carry out these maintenance tasks. Details status report is sent out every month showing the date, time and status of the work.


Some companies need to have the fall back of a manned helpdesk. We offer this facility though our own software called MyInstanHelpdesk. Incidents can be recorded though the website or by sending an email to support. The response time depends on the level of severity of the incident. We have 4 levels of severity which allows us to act promptly in urgent situations. The cost of this service can be based on fixed or per incident bases. Invoicing is done monthly and it is supported by details status reports of all the work carried out.


Our applications are hosted on Microsoft's Azure servers. We have servers in the States, Singapore and Ireland. If you have an international audience hosting on Azure is ideal as you will get a very good response from all around the world. The price will depend on the complexity of the application you want to host, so contact us on 01908 592 534 or send us an email.