Table Tennis Ranking

We have built some free to use software for table tennis, based on the Table Tennis England (TTE) ranking guide lines.

This works for club, league or county with leagues being automatically being rolled up to county level. It not only covers all the TTE ranking groups but the VETTS groups too.

Coupled with this easy to use software is a widget that can be seamlessly be integrated into almost any website.

An example of this widget embedded into an external site can be seen by clicking here


If you are installing the system from scratch you should download the Excel template from the player import area and fill this in. This uses the Table Tennis England (TTE) player number to link all results you enter. Either seed ranking or ratings can be used to load the baseline ranking for all ranking types. To ensure that a player is loaded into the correct ranking types, you must enter and accurate date of birth. To create a new player manually, just click the new button and fill in the details. Changing a player’s information requires you to click on the row of the player you want to change, then clicking the edit button. If you change the date of birth or seed rating after you have started to load results, the system will recalculate which ranking types the player should form part of, and ask you to re-rank the periods.

Enter League Results

You can upload results from an Excel template, by clicking on the row corresponding to het period you wish to upload results against and then clicking the “Import results” button. You will be requested to select the Excel with the results for upload. This uses the TTE player number to link each win/loss to the right player. To manually enter results or correct a mistake, select the period then click the “view results” button. Click “New” to create a new result, or highlight a row and select the edit to change a result. When a result has been entered, it will determine which ranking types the result belongs too and generate +/- points changes. Use the “spy glass” on the right of the grid to see the ranking that this result has affected.


Click “New” to create a new tournament and enter the name and dates for it. You can edit a tournament by selecting the record you wish to change and clicking the “Edit” button. To see the events in a tournament, select the record and take the “View Events” button.

Generate Ranking

This will show the current season’s periods and indicate with a “tick” that the period is ranked. Once you have entered all results for the league and tournaments, select the period and click the “generate ranking” button. THIS WILL TAKE SEVERAL MINUTES to generate all ranking types.

Enter Event Results

This area allows you to manage the events within a tournament and for uploading the results. To create a new event for a tournament, click new. Enter the name, date of the event, whether it is ranked, the ranking type and its weighting. To change these details, click on the row you want to change and then click the “Edit” button. Importing results can be done in a similar manner to the league results: either select the row and take the “import results” button for a bulk update of all results, or take the “View results” button to change/add individual event results. If you are operating a bonus points for this event, highlight the row and click the “Bonus points” button. This will allow you to enter points against the position/player


The “widget” allows the ranking results to be embedded into your website.

Ranking Enquiry

This allows you to review the ranking and audit for any ranked period.